Get Your Credit Report

A credit report is a history of your banking interactions.
What is a Credit Report and Credit Score?
A credit report is a history of your banking interactions. It displays your personal information as it relates to your ID number, date of birth, home and office addresses and phone numbers. It also contains a record of your current and past financial information relating to the loan requests made by you, loans approved, a 24 month payment history of each account (active and closed) and payment defaults, if any.
A credit score is a numerical representation of your credit-worthiness that is calculated based on multiple factors from your credit report, such as your history of on-time payments or the number of accounts in good standing. Lenders in Pakistan are increasingly using credit scores as an indicator to determine if you are considered a low-risk customer, and you can typically negotiate better terms with a higher score.

You can view a sample credit report here.

 How do I Obtain my Credit Report?
1.    Register or Log In
For first-time customers, register with us by clicking here. Upon completion you will be provided a password to login to your account on our customer portal. Once you have created an account, you may return to the portal in the future using the same login information to request your most current credit report.
2.    Request
To request a credit report, complete the 'Credit Report Request Form' from the customer portal. Most fields should already contain the information you provided during the registration process or your most recent credit report request. Ensure that the information is accurate, or update as necessary.
3.    Mail
Upon submitting the form online, we will email you a PDF version of the form for you to review, print, sign and return to us with a copy of your CNIC and the appropriate fee (see below). Once we receive and verify all the required documentation, we will process your request. Note that it could take up to 30 days for you to receive your credit report through your preferred mailing option.

Credit Report without Credit Score (via email)
Credit Report without Credit Score (via courier)
In the event that we are unable to verify your identity using the documentation that you have provided, we will refund your payment to you, withholding a processing fee of Rs. 200.00

Payment should be made by crossed cheque, pay order or demand draft to DataCheck Pvt. Ltd., and mailed along with your request form and a copy of your CNIC to the following address:

DataCheck Pvt. Ltd. 
Bahria Complex III
Mezzanine Floor
M.T. Khan Road
Karachi, Pakistan


DataCheck Pvt. Ltd. 
P.O. Box 5512
Karachi, Pakistan

How do I Dispute Inaccuracies in my Credit Report?

1.    Log In
If you notice any errors in your report, you may use our customer portal to file a dispute with each financial institution that reported inaccurate information. Log into your account and navigate to the dispute resolution page.
2.    Dispute
On the dispute resolution page, you will be asked for details of the specific information that you wish to dispute. After you save and submit the form, the corresponding financial institution will be alerted to address the dispute(s). The institution's response detailing the actions it has taken, if any, will be displayed on the customer portal's dispute resolution page. You can stay informed of the progress of your dispute(s) by visiting this page.
3.    Comment
If there is information on your credit report that you deem inaccurate and you have been unable to resolve it with the corresponding financial institution, you have the option to add remarks to the appropriate location on your credit report for the benefit of financial institutions that will access your credit report in the future.
Note: DataCheck only reports data that it receives from lending institutions. It does not own this data and is not itself able to alter it. Responsibility for identifying and correcting erroneous data lies with the end consumer and the corresponding financial institution.