Welcome to DataCheck Limited

DataCheck Limited is Pakistan’s premier credit bureau organization founded in the private sector in 2001. We work with major financial institutions in the country, facilitating them with credit information to screen and monitor borrowers. The organization can generate credit reports on borrowers and maintain analytical tools that further assist in monitoring their loan portfolios.

DataCheck inaugurated its services with negative-only data reporting services, but in 2007 we expanded our services to incorporate positive services. In 2008, with assistance from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), we launched our Credit Scoring service, a powerful tool extensively used by our customers in predicting customer default. At present, we are privileged to have twenty-five consumer institutions availing our services.

In October 2013 our operations progressed with the launch of the micro-finance credit bureau, serving as an information-sharing platform on borrowers at the national level. Currently, we have 49 clients including both bank and non-banks.

DataCheck Limited