Who We Are

DataCheck Limited is Pakistan’s premier credit bureau organisation founded in the private sector in 2001. We work with Pakistan’s major financial institutions by facilitating them with credit information to screen and monitor borrowers. Our core strength lies in generating credit reports maintaining analytical tools that assist lenders in monitoring their loan portfolios.

DataCheck initially launched as a ‘negative-only’ reporting service for  consumer banks in 2001. As we gained the trust and respect of Pakistan’s fianancial industry, we expanded our portfolio to incorporate positive reporting services in 2007. With assistance from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), we introduced our Credit Scoring service – a powerful predictor of customer defaults- in 2008.

With success in demonstrating the value of our services to consumer banking, the microfinance sector requested DataCheck to offer its services to its own members. We launched our microfinance credit bureau at the national level in October 2013.


Our Commitment

Vision Statement

To earn the respect of our clients as the premium service provider of credit information solutions.

Mission Statement

To provide cost-effective credit risk solutions in an ethical and professional manner with a focus on creating value, ensuring the company's ability to serve its clients for years to come.

We are committed to

• Information accuracy and data integrity and protection
• Moral and ethical data-handling standards
• Customer-oriented service
• Good corporate culture, governance and practices
• A stable work environment for our employees and an opportunity for growth.


Board of Directors

zaffar-khan-890x1024 (1)

Zaffar Ahmad Khan

Chairman of the Board & Independent Director

Former President, Engro Corp.,

Former Chairman, Pakistan - Telecommunication Company Limited,

Former Chairman, , Pakistan International Airlines,

Former Chairman, Karachi Stock Exchange,

Former Director (two terms), State Bank of Pakistan Board.

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Antony Lythgoe

Independent Director

Former Group Head, Credit Reporting & Secured Transactions, International Finance Corporation (WorldBank Group).

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Ammara Masood

Independent Director

President and CEO, NdcTech,

Independent Director, Central Depository Company,

Elected Member, Central Executive Committee for Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA),

Industry Advisory Board, Habib University.

Winner of the "Women in Tech" leadership category, 2021 Global Banking Tech Awards hosted in London by Fintech Futures.

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Tariq Nasim Jan

Sponsor Director

CEO, DataCheck Limited,

Former Executive Director, Phoenix Armour Private Limited (previously Brinks Pakistan).

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Reza Nasim Jan

Sponsor Director

Sr. Consultant, Tony Blair, Institute of Global Change,

Former Senior Strategy Consultant, Strategy&,

Former Deputy Manager & Business Analyst, DataCheck Limited,

Analyst & Pakistan Team Lead, American Enterprise Institute - Washington D.C.

Our Management

Tariq Nasim Jan

Managing Director

Muhammad Adnan Khan

Head of IT

Owais Patel

Head of Sales, Marketing and Special Projects


ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems is the international best practice standard for information security. It provides a set of standardised requirements for an information security management system. The standard is especially suitable where the protection of information is critical, such as in the banking, financial, health, public and IT sectors. The standard is also very applicable for organisations that manage high volumes of data or information on behalf of other organisations such as datacentres and IT outsourcing companies. DataCheck was one of the first companies in Pakistan, and to-date the only credit bureau, to be audited and certified for ISO 27001 in 2008; a certification we have maintained until 2016 when we were licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan. Thereafter we have been audited by PwC every year.


BDO Ebrahim & Co

Chartered Accountants - Auditor
Office: 2nd Floor, Block C, Lakson Square Building No. 1, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi - 74200 . Pakistan.

Mohsin Tayebaly & Co

Law Firm Operating In Pakistan - Legal Advisor
Office: 1st Floor, Dime Centre, BC-4, Block-9, Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi – 75600. Pakistan.



If you have any questions other than those mentioned below, please feel free to contact us. Keep visiting this page to stay up to date on new information and tips on your credit history, maintaining a good credit score and new products and services on offer.

A credit bureau maintains databases of positive and negative information about credit-related financial activities that credit providers report to it. These credit providers will consult the credit bureau’s databases when approached by an individual requesting a new loan so that they may understand the individual’s past behaviour in managing credit. Note that while the bureau’s database enables credit providers to identify and analyse an individual’s credit profile, the final decision to grant credit lies with the credit provider.
A credit report is a history of your banking interactions. It displays your personal information as it relates to your ID number, date of birth, and home and office addresses and phone numbers. It also contains a record of your current and past financial information relating to loan requests made by you, loans approved, a 24-month payment history of each account (active and closed) and payment defaults, if any. Please access our website to view a sample credit report.
Create a profile on our website by registering yourself. Submit a completed and signed credit report request form with a copy of your CNIC and the appropriate payment. Visit the section “My Credit Report” for detailed instructions. Always ensure that you have read all “terms and conditions” before proceeding with your request.
If any of the information contained in your credit report is incorrect you may log a dispute with the financial institution that reported it via our dispute resolution page. See the section “My Credit Report” or the dispute resolution page on our customer portal for details on filing a dispute.
A credit report delivered via email or regular postal service Rs.100
Payment should be made by crossed cheque, pay order or demand draft to DataCheck Limited and mailed along with your request form and a copy of your CNIC to the following address:
DataCheck Limited,
Mezzanine Floor,
Bahria Complex III,
M.T. Khan Road,
Karachi, Pakistan
DataCheck Limited
P.O. Box 5512
Karachi, Pakistan
A credit score is a numerical representation for your creditworthiness that is calculated based on multiple factors from your credit report, such as your history of on-time payments or the number of accounts in good standing. Lenders in Pakistan are increasingly using credit scores as an indicator to determine if you are considered a low-risk customer. Customers can typically negotiate better loan terms with a higher credit score. Since your credit report often influences whether you are able to buy a home or apply for any kind of credit, it is extremely important to protect your credit score by making loan and account payments on time and by not taking on more debt than you can handle.
Some key information used to calculate your credit score includes your history of on-time payments (personal loans, credit cards, home loans etc.), the age of your credit history and the number of requests by lenders to view your credit. Requesting new credit too frequently can harm your credit score. Information such as race, gender and where you live are not used in calculating credit scores.
  • Pay the installment amount that is owed on your account(s) every month.
  • Budget – never buy on credit without knowing if you can afford the monthly installments to pay for your purchase.
  • Never ignore a letter of demand for payment. Make a phone call or write a letter to explain your situation.
  • If you are unable to make a payment due to unforeseen circumstances, talk to the credit provider concerned and make alternative arrangements to pay back what you owe.
  • Ensure that you always supply the most accurate information about yourself on a new credit application.
  • Check your credit report regularly to make sure that the information on your credit report is accurate and that your identity has not been used without your consent.
  • Never ignore a summons to court for non-payment. Doing so could become a very serious reflection on your credit profile.
If you have failed to make the required payment on your loan account for six consecutive months or more (or twelve consecutive months or more for a home loan), your account can go into default. Potential credit providers may look unfavourably on applicants with a history of overdue accounts, so it’s a good idea to avoid defaults appearing on your credit report. To do this, you need to ensure you pay your bills before they become overdue.