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1. Consumer Credit Report

This comprehensive report comprises an individual’s personal identification and financial information, including details such as:

    1. CNIC/NIC or passport numbers
    2. Date of birth
    3. Personal addresses and contact numbers
    4. Office addresses and contact numbers
    5. Credit requests
    6. Details of approved loans
    7. Loan payment history over a 24 month period
    8. Default history, in the case of non-payments.

2. Credit Scoring

Introduced in 2008, our scoring model was developed by an Australian credit analytics company, with funding and support received from the International Finance Corporation. The scores are the result of thorough analysis of behavioural attributes related to the applications of a given consumer and predict the probability of customer default occurring in the next twelve to eighteen months. Because of the high predictive ability of our scores, Pakistan’s major banks are availing this service.

3. Bureau Alerts

The bureau is able to provide members with early warning signals to monitor accounts proactively. An alert maybe raised for a number of reasons. For instance, if the customer of one bank approaches another bank for a loan or if a customer's account with another bank shows signs of distress, the first bank will be sent an alert by the bureau.

4. Pre-Screening

Pre-screening assists our members in identifying new customers with good credit on the bureau's database. A member provides us with a list of prospective customers who are pre-approved for credit. We scrub this list against our database and send a letter of offer on behalf of the member to individual clients. The process of identifying new customers via pre-screening is used universally and considered to be more efficient and cost-effective than using sales agents.

5. Portfolio Review (Scrub)

At the request of a member, the bureau is able to perform a portfolio scrub of the member's loan book. This service is a comprehensive review of each loan account with a view to flag it for proactive monitoring in case it shows signs of weakness. Alternatively, accounts that are found to reflect strong credit discipline and payment capacity can be identified for credit limit increases and cross-selling of loan products. These reviews can be ordered with or without credit scores. The results are provided in a format that can be embedded in the member's database for analytical purposes.

6. Recovery Agent

If a customer fails to make a payment and is untraceable, DataCheck has the ability to facilitate  the member in locating the skipped customer. The bureau maintains a large database of home and office addresses, as well as phone numbers and multiple CNIC numbers reported by members over the years.

7. Dashboard

DataCheck has developed a powerful analytical tool in the form of its Dashboard that can be used by the bank's senior management to guage the performance of its portfolio using different filters such as products, district, gender and age etc., and can compare its portfolio performance with other members of the financial industry.

8. Commercial Credit Report

We have developed a comprehensive report of SME/Commercial/Corporate borrowers where we provide following details in the credit report:
  1. Company Name, NTN, Sector, and Borrower Type. 
  2. Registered Address, and contact details
  3. Information of Company's Directors and Owners
  4. Details of Group of Companies
  5. Credit summary
  6. Institution wise details of approved loans 
  7. 24 months loan payment history with collateral details
  8. Default history, in the case of non-payments.
  9. Details of Guarantors
  10. Details of Loans Applied

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